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Creating content with purpose

This is What I do

I find that more often than not, even the most unconscious of acts, the most subtle of phenomena, or the simplest of objects can speak volumes about the realities we live in, and the roles we play in them. 

I like to write about that. But I do other things too...

Copy Editing  Writing 

 Transcribing   Fact-Checking

Content Strategy    Social Media 


About me 


I create content of 
cultural significance  

I grew up between New York and Bogotá, Colombia, attending French and British schools before moving back to Manhattan to attend New York University. At NYU’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study, I received a Bachelor of the Arts Degree in May 2020 for an individualized major that explores the intersections between Cultural Criticism, Literary Criticism, and Nonfiction Writing.  I created this path of study because I’ve always been fascinated by seemingly mundane attitudes and conditions of daily life, by how individual and mass culture shapes who we are and how we live. I am currently completing a master's degree in English MA: Issues in Modern Culture at UCL.​

Though I consider myself a multi-talented creative, with experience in editing, graphic design, event organizing, and fundraising, I am first and foremost a writer. Through my work, I often analyze culturally relevant objects, concepts, or phenomena, hoping to show my readership what the artifacts of our past and present tell us about who we are and whom we're becoming. I'm looking for new opportunities, new vessels, new mechanisms, and new frameworks for my thoughts. 

Recent Work

"The term 'self-partnered’ doesn’t suggest that we have to be alone, rather it softly reminds us that there is a value in being with ourselves."

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